Importing Makehuman To Blender with Rigify and face rig

This post will guide you through creating a human character using Makehuman and then import it into Blender where you will be able to rig and animate it.

Install stable version of Makehuman:

Downloads |

Download essential plugins:

Plugins |

The most important plugins for Blender are:

“Makehuman plugin for blender”

“MHX2 (Blender side)

Install plugins in Blender.

Create Makehuman character in Makehuman.

Set up Skeleton with “Default” or “Default no toes”

Export as .mhx2

In Blender, import .mhx2, select “Override Exported Data” on the right side.

We like the following settings, but apart from “Offset”, “Face Shapes”, “Add Rig (Rigify)” and “Face Panel” the rest is pretty much personal preference.

Import after you’re happy with the settings.

One last thing you should note is that the face rig is hidden by default. Unhide this by holding down Shift and selecting this layer in Blender:

That’s pretty much it!