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Blog Install stable version of Makehuman: Downloads | Download essential plugins: Plugins | The most important plugins for Blender are: "Makehuman plugin for blender" "MHX2 (Blender side) Install plugins in Blender. Create Makehuman character in Makehuman. Set up Skeleton with "Default" or "Default no toes" Export as .mhx2 In Blender, import .mhx2, select "Override Exported Data" on the right side. We like the following

This is the Post Mortem of Tour de France Legstrong, our contribution to the game jam of the 41st Ludum Dare (LD41) which took place in april 2018.   The background We founded the company Ananki AS late in 2017. Our goal is to make enough money to quit our day jobs, start making games fulltime and live happily ever after! We had never worked

Finally, we made it, we did what we have dreamt about for a long time! Created a Company! And now The Journey Begins! It started out with a few friends wanting to create games together on our spare time. However it escalated fast to "why don't we do this for real?". So we made