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Fandus will motivate children to listen to and recognize sounds and images. Fandus has been prepared with children’s linguistic and phonological development in mind. What gives children the most enjoyment when focusing on sound? The answer is; everything from listening to animal sounds, instruments, letters / numbers etc. Fandus will teach the children in a fun way to focus on the sounds around them and eventually gain an understanding of letters and find the first sound in words. This is a central part of the child’s language learning. The tasks are varied both in form and degree of difficulty.

The app can be used as a supplement to educational material for parents, kindergartens and schools. It is an educational app, where the goal is learning via fun tasks that are rewarded with gold stars. These gold stars can be used by children to dress up Fandus as they wish. This is a motivating factor in the game.


The app is divided into 3 levels, from the simple to the more complex.

Level 1

Contains games where the child can practice listening to and recognizing animal sounds, colors and instruments. The focus is that an object has a sound. We have tried to get a fun approach to what gradually develops into writing and reading, from focusing on sounds in daily life to later focusing on sounds of letters and sounds of words.

These tasks are suitable for children aged 2-3 years, but can also be useful for children of other ages.

Level 2

Fits well when the child begins to focus on quantity, that there is a difference between a lot and a little. The tasks also deal with seeing things in context by finding what fits together, and that words sound the same.

Contains games where the child can practice on quantity, rhyme and more advanced animals. These tasks are suitable for children aged 4-5, but can also be useful for children of other ages.

Level 3

Here the focus is on letters, numbers, rhymes and understanding a concept has a starting sound.

From understanding rhyme, they go on to understand that a concept starts with a sound. In the beginning they hear the first consonant and vowel, for example Ba is Bat and not Cat, this comes before a child can hear that bat begins with B. We have therefore chosen to stick to concepts that begin with consonant and vowel. There are many tasks to choose from that can be done several times. This is an important level on the way to understanding the reading and writing process. This level can be used in first grade and is especially suitable for those children who need a little more time before they understand listening in the reading process.

These tasks are adapted for children aged 5+, but can also be useful for children of other ages.


We have several tasks divided into the three levels.


Here you have several games where you have to find the right color. It starts easily by displaying the image while hearing the sound. Gradually, the challenges become more difficult.

Animal pictures

Here the children get to see pictures in several different formats. At the lowest level we have a cartoon version of animals, while for the slightly older children we use pictures real animals. The tasks are to combine the names of animals with the correct image.

Animal Sounds

Here we combine images of the cartoon version of animals with the sound these animals make in real life.


Here the children must choose the right instrument according to the sound they hear.

Sound board

This is a way for kids to explore sound and color at once. Each board has a distinct sound and a whole range of tones to explore. The colors and sound change according to where on the screen you press so that you, among other things. can play famous children’s songs like “Twinkle Twinkle” while getting a colorful experience.


In this exercise, the children will see and hear different amounts. Concrete such as pencils, stars and dice are used.


Usually children start with nonsense rhymes, i.e. that they hear that words are similar, but they do not normally relate to real words. Gradually, they come to understand that real concepts in everyday life sound the same and that there are certain sounds that separate them from each other. We have created many fun tasks based on simple, real words that are common in everyday life. This is a level in phonological development that most children go through and that they think is fun.

In these exercises, the children must listen to the sound of the word and find out which other word it rhymes with. You have 2-4 choices based on difficulty. For example, “house” rhymes with “mouse”.


Here we have created eight different environments you can navigate in and find which thing or activity suits the sound you hear. We have bathroom, living room, bedroom, city, yard and many more exciting environmetns.

Belongs To

In this exercise, the children must choose two things that belong together. The terms are chosen according to what children are predisposed to, terms that are used in daily life. They are thought of according to what is suitable for the age group and which they should eventually know something about. It can be, for example, sunglasses and sun, salt and pepper and many more.


Here the children will associate the numbers 1-10 with a selection of quantities such as fingers and apples. At the same time, they must also learn to recognize the numbers themselves.


Here the children will learn the sound and shape of the letters. The sound is usually the name of the letter or the sound of the letter. We have both uppercase and lowercase letters and we use the introductory order that they have when they start attending school.


Here the children should be able to recognize which letters different words start with.


While you are playing, you will be collecting star coins. These star coins can be used to unlock equipment that Fandus can wear; suits, hair, hats, eyes and jewelry.


In this app you can have up to 5 different profiles. These can be given a name, and they do not have to be the name of real people. For each profile you also have the opportunity to define your own avatar. While playing, you collect star coins, but you only collect them for the active profile. It also means that Fandus will look different based on which profile is selected.