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  • Mixamo animations with Blender character in Unity

    This blogpost will hopefully provide some insight into how you can easily rig a character in Blender, import it to Unity and add Humanoid animations from Mixamo to use with the Mecanim system. If you already have a rigged character or want to use one from Mixamo you can skip the first part about Rigging […]

  • Blender FB”X-files”: Blender FBX to Unity

    Are scale and rotation issues causing you headaches when exporting FBX from Blender to Unity? I know the feeling. Hopefully this guide can help clean up your messy transforms! The guide consists of 4 parts; A quick runthrough of the unit systems in Unity (1) and Blender (2), and then a couple examples on ensuring […]

  • Import Blender models into Unity

    Background During our Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam we had to create all our 3D assets in Blender. It was a long time since the last time any of us had to do any work in Blender, so we were a bit rusty. And as such we ended up struggling just getting the imports to […]