Test Our Games

So we are in the process of making games, and that requires a lot of work. In the end we want you guys to enjoy our games! We need your help to make sure we create the best games we can! So please sign up to participate in our tests!

It is important that you sign up with your Google Play store email (gmail account) for Android testing, and Apple ID email for iOS testing.

How does it work?

Well, we will add you to a group based on the operating system you have on your device (Android, iOS, Browser, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux). You will get some instructions on how to access the game(s) via e-mail, this might include to download a 3rd party software. After you install the game you will help us by giving feedback. We will provide an in-game link for you to answer some quick questions that will help us create the game you want!

We will under no circumstances share your email address with any other organisation, except what is needed for you to access games on their platforms (Apple, Google, Microsoft etc). If you do not want to participate anymore we will delete your email from our systems.

-Ananki AS